Pudsey Pumpkin Festival

Follow your own trail

Halloween will be different this year due to COVID-19. As a result not every house will be taking part in trick or treating. This year you can find the houses getting involved in halloween decorating this year. Please follow the government advice regarding coronavirus whilst on the trail.

Halloween Pumpkin Map

Map will be updated as more pumpkins are submitted. Click on map to open, don’t allow it to open in another application for all pumpkins to be shown.

Complete the form below to add your Pumpkin

  • Don’t give an exact address, just a postcode
  • Ensure your Pumpkin and decorations are displayed from Friday to Sunday
  • Fill in your email address and pumpkin location’s postcode below
  • Details will be deleted once your pumpkin has been added to the map
  • Markers are added manually so the map won’t update immediately

Coronavirus & Trick or Treating

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent restrictions in Leeds, you are not allowed to enter into other people’s gardens unless already bubbled with the household. Therefore, we discourage trick or treating this year. Our map is designed to be a trail of Halloween houses to look at rather than a trick or treaters route.

We would suggest alternatively to bring sweets with you whilst following the map and give a treat to your children after every house, in order to emulate traditional trick or treating as best you can.

Thank you for understanding and cooperating.